Taylor Swift’s Friendship with Selena Gomez is “So Solid”, says Mandy Teefey!

Mandy Teefey, mother of Selena Gomez says that friendship between her daughter and Taylor Swift is so strong that they can tell anything to each other.

Teefey says that “the friendship between them is based on mutual support rather than competition and that’s why they’ve stayed close. “With Taylor, what you see is what you get… she’s always been there for Selena”, she continued.

“It is so hard to find someone who is the same audience and it’s so cutthroat right now. They came up together; they just have never parted, so it’s really a true friendship.”, said the producer of 13 Reasons Why.

She continued “What I love about that friendship is it’s so solid, and with Taylor, I feel like they can tell each other anything and it will be an honest, in-your-best-interest kind of relationship. It’s not about anything else and it’s one you don’t just find out here.”.

Taylor Swift shared the stage with Selena last weekend and shocked the crowd at Pasadena, California stadium.

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