Kim Kardashian Trolled For Visiting White House To Meet President Donald Trump

Kim Kardashian met President Donald Trump on Wednesday about the life sentence of Alice Marie Johnson, who was serving her sentence for an non-violent crime.

President commuted the sentence of Johnson after the reality TV star— Kim Kardashian West advocated her release in her White House visit.

After the news about Kardashian visiting White House for advocating Johnson came out, the tweets targeting Kardashian were on fire. People were tweeting that they want to leave earth after seeing the news.

CNN’s Jim Acosta said “Forget about the fact that Kim Kardashian is here at the White House today and what planet that is anything resembling normal, because it’s not.” He added “She shouldn’t be here talking prison reform. It’s very nice that she is here, but that’s not a serious thing to have happen here at the White House.”

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