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Loki may comeback in Avengers 4! Here’s why!

Disclaimer: The article consists of spoiler of Avengers Infinity War.

A lot of people have already seen Avengers: Infinity War by now and the thing which made people sad was the death of the God of Mischief: Loki, in the initial scenes of the movie itself who sacrificed himself for his brother.

Most are hoping that their favourite super villain will be back somehow in the next instalment of the Avengers series. So, here we’re taking look at the possible ways for Loki to comeback in Avengers 4.

We’ll be looking at the pictures from the Infinity War and Avengers 4 sets, to get idea about the possibility for our god of mischief to return.

Scenes from the Atlanta set were not shown in the Avengers Infinity War, even though the shots were taken back to back. So, the scenes will be shown in fourth-instalment of the Avengers. Hence, there is probability for him to be there in the next Avengers movie.

In this picture, Loki is wearing his old outfit and looks like he is holding Tesseract.

Journalist Josh L. Dickey have a theory in which he says that Loki is probably Bruce Banner and that’s the reason why Bruce is not being able to turn into Hulk.

Here’s what he says in his tweet:

“Loki’s dagger sneak attack on Thanos was feeble. He knew it wouldn’t work.

Heimdall also knows Banner can probably survive anything Thanos throws at hi in the shirt-term. On Earth, Banner is acting loopy. Can’t hulk out.

Deception more useful now than force.

Banner is Loki”

As a disclaimer, he adds: “I did not conceive of this theory, but the more I tumble it around, the more I think it’s at least possible. Or was at least an escape hatch they intentionally left open.”

There is another theory of time travel being there in Avengers 4 and the pictures from the sets support them.

In a picture from set, we can see Tony wearing clothes which looks like dress of S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent. According to the theory, Tony travels in time while disguising himself as S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent to release Loki. We don’t know the reason behind this right now.

To support the time travel theory, there are pictures from the sets of blonde Tony with Captain America and Ant Man and as Ant Man is not in Infinity War, so the shots are not from it. Thor can also be seen with his previous long blonde hair.

It’s yet to be seen what will actually happen in future with the mischievous god. So, let see what happens. Keep following us to read more such articles.