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Aubrey O’day’s new album inspired by affair with Donald Trump Jr., hinted singer!

Aubrey O’Day with Shannon Bex is going to have a new album released pretty soon. Aubrey O’Day revealed that her album was inspired by a man, hinting that it was inspired by her affair with Donald Trump Jr. in her Instagram.

The singer posted about her upcoming album and lyrics of her songs in her Instagram Stories. She also said that she’ll not stop making music, doesn’t matter what others say.

Aubrey said in her clips that her music is based on what she’s went through and that’s all she knows and that’s the truth.

According to her, every word on her song was about the man who inspired it and every calls included was real. Voice on the voice calls on the album seems to be altered or is recorded by someone else.

She revealed the letters djt, hinting at the son of president of America.

O’Day and Trump Jr. affair is said to be started when they acted in the Celebrity Apprentice on the year of 2011. Trump Jr. is rumoured to be so serious about it that he wanted to leave her wife for her. However, Donald Trump asked him to leave this relationship.